Charles Gitnick Biography Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Art, salary and Net Worth in 2017

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Charles Gitnick

He is a well-known and famous youth adult due his work on Anti-Gun. Charles Gitnick is a name that is eminent with his art work a tremendous art work that amaze world. In arts he shines like a star. Basically art is a field where people take years to make perfection in their work but he, Charles achieved this in age of 11 as a world-class Artist. There are some famous art like Miami, LA, Colombia and Zurich in his Credit.

He Shocked with His Work of Anti-Gun to the World!!

He started this art work in his early age of five or he started to work on landscape and abstracts. When Charles was 7 of age, he had a great passion on art so due to his art and a lot passion, his family decided to give him an art classes. But he hardly felt that he was not able to express his art what he wants to present. So after dropping out all the classes he got manipulate by the most terrible things that happening around the globe. One day he had decided to wrap up a gun into the news paper just to mentioning about violence.
After that Charles held an art show to showing art abstracts, one gun piece and palm tree art and also his friends father bought a gun that give him a motivation and more passion to express his art work which is around $100 which is very inspired him to take his passion more long. He is famous for his 3D Gun art-work where he takes a plastic gun or camouflaged it through brightly paint colored.
He is basically an unknown artist but Charles is famous by his art work when he takes a part in “Miami Convention center” for an Art Basel Show where his art work of anti-gun art sold in around $100 to $2500.
He show is work in many different places like LA, Ibiza, Colombia and Zurich and many more. In year 2017, he is with friend on a weekend rush tour so here he received so much applause, friend are Joey Birlem, Duhitzmark and Aaron Melloul.
They took his saps on that tour and shares pictures with friend on instagram account so they spotted together in an event that having a candid moments.

Full Support by his Family in His Passion!!

As seeing his passion his family not even wasting any time to started his career on the field of art. Charles father helped him to sell his work that he made first and his parents still they are very supportive.
His brother was fan of Basketball named as Thomas, he grew up in the field of art and his art work and tours are available on his websites.
In 2016, he tweet that he think that “he need a girlfriend” that bringing some joy to his fan base of female.

His Short Bio:

Charles Gitnick is now ages in 15 or was born in year 2002 in LA. Charles celebrates his birthday with family on 3rd April in every year. Los Angeles native he belongs to a white ethnicity or possesses an adorable height of 5 feet and above. Charles has bend body shape or holds an American Nationality.


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