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Dagen McDowell Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Facts, Controversies, Net worth, Family Tree, Personal life

Today we present to our readers a celebrity from the world of the news industry. The name of the celebrity is Dagen McDowell who happens to be a business news anchor from America and is particularly renowned for her work with the two of the following Fox channels.

  • Fox Business Network
  • Fox News Channel

Over these 2 channels, Dagen McDowell has made an appearance in a variety of following shows.

  • Cashin In
  • Hannity
  • Your World With Neil Cavuto

As for her time before working on TV as a news anchor, she was working or a magazine named SmartMoney as well as for their website SmartMoney.com. In addition to this, she was also writing finance columns for the “Street.com” under the name “dear Dagen”.

Dagen is known to be exceptional at her line of work which is why she has a massive following over social media platform.

Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

Real Name:- 

Dagen McDowell

Nick Name:-



Business News Anchor

Column Writer



Dagen McDowell  Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

The 48 years old Dagen McDowell is a born citizen of America and holds American nationality. She belongs to the white ethnic group of Americans. Despite being almost 48 years old, Dagen McDowell has maintained her good looks. She is still one of the attractive women in the news industry.

She keeps her body toned and fit by following an exercise regime as well as a strict diet routine.

Dagen McDowell  Personal life:-


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For personal life, we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

For the fans of Dagen McDowell, we have selected each and every bit of information related to her career progression in the news industry so far.

  • It is hard to believe that for a respected business news anchor in America to be working meager jobs like selling beer on a cart at a golf course or to be working as an attendant at some random dressing room. However, the reality is that she did that at the start of her career.
  • Dagen McDowell got her degree in Art History from the Wake Forest University and started her first real professional job being a financial journalist for the Institutional Investor’s Newsletter Division.
  • As for propelling her career in TV news anchoring, she spent a little time on the radio news as well. The name of the radio show was ‘Imus in the Morning”.
  • In addition to this, she also did seem stint work at the magazine named SmartMoney along with handling their website SmartMoney.com. She also wrote columns for and their site named The Street.com.
  • As for now, she is making appearances on many shows of the Fox Bossiness Network and Fox News channel. Her real appearance over Fox Business Network is for shows titled as follows.
  • “Morning’s with Maria
  • Bulls and Bears
  • Markets Now
  • As for her time with Fox News Channel she makes occasional appearances on shows like the following.
  • Outnumbered
  • Cavuto On Business
  • Your World With Neil Cavuto

Date of Birth:-

January 7th, 1969

Birth Place:-

Brookneal, Campbell County, Virginia, United States

Zodiac Sign:-






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Few of the facts related to the life of Brookneal, Campbell County, Virginia, United States are as follows.

  • Dagen is currently married to a man named Jonas Max Ferris who also happens to be a journalist. Actually, he is the economic analysts for the Fox News Channel. He and Dagen both met each other while on the set of a program titled Cashin In for which they were handpicked by the channel’s officials. They argued with each other over mutual funds.
  • At the time, both Dagen and Jonas Max Ferris met with each other back in 2011; Dagen was already married to someone. However, shortly after this show, Dagen got a divorce and the name of her ex-husband along with the reason for the divorce was never disclosed.
  • Long story short, Dagen and Jonas Max Ferris married in 2015,
  • Dagen McDowell is a hardcore woman who is a great lover of the Ford Cars. During her high school as well as her college days, Dagen drove the Ford Bronco on track. She started learning to drive a car at a young age and at the age of 16 was a decent driver as she learned on a beast of machine Ford F150.
  • In addition to this, Dagen loves the NASCAR events and is also the staunchest supporter of the Washington Redskins.

Dagen McDowell  Net worth:-

Dagen’s career which started of back in 1996 has been a joyride for her with her getting opportunities to work with some of the rewound companies and finally landing lead roles with Fox. During her years of service in the news industry, Dagen has amassed herself a net worth that is estimated to be in between 2 to 4 million dollars.


She currently maintains her residence somewhere in Washington DC. However, due to the security and privacy concerns, the address of the house has been kept private.

Family Tree:-

Dagen belongs to a family with Irish descent that has been mixed over the years with different ethnicities. Apart from that, she has not revealed anything more about her family.

Father Name:-

Not known.

Mother Name:-

Not known.


Not known.


She has no children yet.


Dagen has been married 2 times in her life. The first time was with a man whose name has never been disclosed.  They both got separated back in 2011 over reasons unknown.

As for her 2nd husband, his name is Jonas Max Ferris who happens to be in the journalism world as well. He is the economic analysts for the Fox News Channel.


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