Todd Chrisley Bio, Age, Married, Gay, Height In 2018

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Todd Chrisley Bio, Age, Married, Gay, Height In 2018

Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Facts, Controversies, Net Worth, Family Tree, Personal life

For our readers today we have selected one of the popular self made millionaires and the reality TV stars as a bonus. The name of this star celebrity is Todd Chrisley. Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.


Real Name:- 

Todd Chrisley

Nick Name:-



Real estate business man

Reality TV star




Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

Todd Chrisley is the famous actor from his hit reality show called Chrisley Knows Best. He is a self made millionaire business man turned actor slash reality TV star. Todd is 48 years old while maintaining a height of 6 feet 1 inches and a body weight of 80 kg. Many of the American millionaires of his age are already old looking with many physical problems but not Todd. He knows how to maintain an attractive face and a ripped body.  He does so by following both extreme diet schedule and a healthy exercise regime. He has attractive natural blonde hairs tat along with his black eyes can still he woman of America go wow.

Personal life:-

For personal life we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

Todd Chrisley is the Self made millionaire who got his recognition across America when he was casted in the ht reality TV show called Chrisley Knows Best. He has now tons of followers and for these followers slash fans we have gathered all the available information about career of Todd Chrisley.

  • Todd Chrisley is the patriarch for the Chrisley family who made his own fortune by working in the real estate business of Georgia City. This wealth was not enough to satisfy this self made millionaire so he decided to try it out in the Television world and got succeeded.
  • His first ever TV debut was in reality show called Chrisley Knows Best of which he is also a producer of. He makes appearance on the show along with his five children and his wife. The show is currently on its fifth season.
  • While maintaining his work with his own show he also made appearances on other shows like Steve Harvey and The Dominick Nati Show.
  • In 1997, Todd also made appearance on the American Talk Show, The View but it was the time when he had no idea he would be running his own hit TV show.

Date of Birth:-

April 6th, 1969

Birth Place:-

Georgia, USA

Zodiac Sign:-





Few of the controversies surrounding the life of Todd Chrisley are as follows.

  • When Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy in 2012, he was to settle it for a figure of 175,000 dollars. However according to sources, he still owes 70,000 dollars to people and this has brought forward new allegations in court of law. He is soon going to be either paying off his debts or filing for another bankruptcy.
  • Due to his boyish looks, Todd Chrisley has always been the centre of Gay Rumors. However according to Todd in an interview to People’s Magazine, “There is no coming out”.


Few of the amazing facts about Todd Chrisley are as follows.

  • He also made appearance in renowned movie series, Sharknado. He was featured in the part “Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens”.
  • The secret to his fresh looks is finally revealed, he continuously goes under the knife time to time. He has undergone many plastic surgery procedures. Along with that he also receives Botox treatment along with face lifts and skin peel treatment.
  • His Sister-In-Law, Pamela Chrisley, tried to escort money from Todd. She is married to Todd’s brother and threatened to tell media about private Chrisley information if they did not gave him any money. However after getting arrested she was released for a 100 dollar bail.
  • He lives extravagantly as is visible from his spending habits. Apart from his 12 million dollars mansion, he once said that he spent 300,000 dollars on clothing alone. However he only claims to have clothes of worth 650 dollars when he filed for bankruptcy.
  • According to his first wife one of the main reasons to leave him was him being physically and verbally abusive.

Net worth:-

Todd Chrisley has seen both good and bad times. Before 2102 when he fled his bankruptcy, Todd was worth nearly 10 million dollars but he was unable to pay for his debt which amounted to a net total of about 49 million dollars. He claimed to have only 1 million in cash while having assets of 4.2 million dollars. The case was settled for 175000 dollars. As of 2017, Todd Chrisley only has money that comes from his show as well as from minor real estate business. Still, Todd Chrisley’s net worth is at an estimated figure of 2 million dollars as of 2017’s end.


Being the part of the famous TV show Chrisley Knows Best, a show that features the life of real estate mogul in Georgia, he ahs to maintain his residence in Georgia City. However the residential address has been kept a secret from general public due to security and privacy concerns.

Family Tree:-

Todd Chrisley past family background is not made public by star as he is self made he likes to keep it private as it had nothing to do with his life.  The information about his current family is available and is as follows.

Father Name:-

Not available

Mother Name:-

Not available


Not available


He has five children from his two marriages. From his first marriage he has two daughters named

From his second marriage he has two daughters and a son whose names are as follows.


Todd Chrisley has been married two times in his life. First time it was with her long time girlfriend named Teresa Terry. However the couple got divorced back in 196 after few years of relation. Children from this marriage are living with Todd.

In the same year of 1996, Chrisley married his girlfriend named Julie and they are still married and living in Georgia. She is living with her husband and children in Georgia.


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