Auto Insurance Guide For Smart Car Insurance

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  • 16.02.2017
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Auto Insurance Guide For Smart Car Insurance

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Smart cars, haven’t you heard about that? Definitely you have seen them because many of them are trolling on the roads now days. These are the two seaters tiny cars moving on the roads just like the sports cars but the shape is different.

These cars are awarded in top 15 selling brands in US recently. Sale of smart cars are increasing by the passage of day and there is a certain class who is interested in buying these cars. But there are much issues with these cars that either they are safe or not? They are reliable or not? Especially when you have an electric smart car these questions must be in your mind while driving it. So in this article we have explained why you need insurance for a smart car.

How much safe a smart car is?

So first of all the issue that a smart car has to deal with is safety. It’s still confusing that these cars are safe or not. Smart cars are made up of steel shells that cover the sitting area, and the engine is placed at the rare side of the car. The only issue is that it is very tiny and in case of collision it is not safer as compared to large car but the companies claims that they are much safer.

Cost of smart car insurance

So the question is that how much a smart car cost for its insurance. The cost of smart car is very less as compared to cost of insuring a large car, sedan or SUV. This is maybe because of the size, shape and features of the smart cars. I have explained all of this in the following points you ca read them for more information.

  • Safety: smart cars are considered as more safer due to their tiny body and shape. The body is built with the pure thick steel cage which makes it more safer in case of collision. Moreover their weight is very less which makes them easier to move around and they apply the brakes very quickly. Plus the speed of the smart car is to a limit and they are not high as the large cars have so there are very rare chances of collision.
  • Repair cost: Costs of repair for the smart cars are really cheap because of their small size. But the only cost that is higher is changing the battery of the smart cars because the battery of the smart cars is very expensive and you have to change them frequently. But the total cost of the smart car is like 15000 USD so they are cheap and you can just replace the smart car with another one.
  • Low mileage: smart cars run over battery and they remain inside the cities and don’t go outside the station. So many insurance companies prefer to give insurance to the cars which remain inside the city and don’t move on the long routes. So the insurance for the smart cars is cheaper.
  • Fuel Efficiency: smart cars really fuel efficient because most of the time they run on the battery. So they are highly fuel efficient due to their battery system, size and structure. Many insurance companies prefer environment friendly cars and smart cars have a tag line of “go green”. So the insurance for smart cars is cheaper than large cars.

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