Do You Need Life Insurance? Is it compulsory to have life insurance?

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  • 16.07.2017
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Do You Need Life Insurance? Is it compulsory to have life insurance?

Yes, exactly you need a life insurance policy if you really love your loved ones. If you don’t want they get suffer in case of any accident, your illness or after your death then you must have a good life insurance policy. It’s not always easy to talk about severe illness or death, but it’s necessary to be aware of this because it is a thing that has to happen in your life anytime. You can’t decide the time but you can prepare for it. Having a sound life insurance policy can make your and loved ones life easy. Furthermore here are the different reasons why you need a life insurance policy?

Protection for loved ones

If you have loved ones, you have a life partner, you have kids, definitely you need a life insurance policy to keep them on a safer side. You can’t just say that you will remain healthy for all your life or you are never going to die. So you should better prepare for your loved ones in advance.

Investment for future

In case you don’t get ill and you don’t die and your policy get mature, you are eligible to get the money you have invested in insurance company in terms of insurance policy plus the markup company has agreed to provide you on maturity.

Healthy life style

If you want to life a healthy life style then insurance policy is a must needed thing for you. Because it covers all the expenses related to your health issues, you don’t have to worry about the expenses about you medicines, doctor fee, hospital fee and medical related issues.

Tension free life

If you want peace of mind you must have a life insurance policy, because it’s the thing that gives you protection and when you have protection you remain relax and there is no need to worry about.

Less cost more benefits

The cost of a life insurance policy is very less. It depends on you which life insurance policy you choose and what should be your payment plans. You can choose a payment plan from monthly, semiannually and annually as per your ease. But the amount receive on the maturity of your insurance plans might be double than you have invested.

Savings for your family

If you are married and you want to save for your children then this is a best way to do that when they are small. When they get young you may have enough money to spend on them. In case you die before they get young then they will also receive enough money for saving their future and livings.

Protection for you business

If your runs a business and you have no life insurance policy then you are already running in a loss. Because you don’t know what will happen to you in future, so who is going to take care of you? And who is going to take care of your business? Definitely you are going to spend on you from your business if you get ill and you will not be able to judge the finance going out, so it’s better to take a life insurance policy to protect your business.


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